A Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams

How do we Precisely Live a Life that is

Beyond our Wildest Dreams?

In my 40 plus years of doing this kind of work I have come to understand that there are Laws of Nature (LONs) or Principles that are working around us all the time. These LONs tell us in advance what will happen every time we make a choice or decision; you either have benefit to that choice–something we like–or you will experience a negative consequence–something we do not like. Think about picking up a stick made of oak; you can count on the fact that the other end of the stick will be oak. Now imagine if you pickup a stick made of pine and wishing the other end would be oak, that isn’t going to happen.

Our free will allows us to pick the stick; the predictability of the outcome of the choice tells us what the wood will be. The outcomes of all the decisions we make are predictable in advance because of the LONs that surround our lives. Our free will gives us the ability to make choices to our liking; but free will doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of that choice. In other words we may not enjoy, like, be happy with or appreciate the outcome of our choices. That is what this journey is all about: making healthier, more positive choices in our lives, thereby increasing the probability our lives will be more peaceful and full of joy.

The Bulls Eye

This skill of Making Healthy Choices and all skills that will be shared here will NOT be mastered overnight. So please do not beat yourself up if you don’t get something right as you learn these ideals and put them into your life. I would like you to think about putting these new skills into your life in the same manner that I do when I’m thinking about throwing darts at the bulls eye of a dart board. I have made money in a professional dart tournament. Someone has to be pretty good to beat me, but I am very beatable. Question: Have I ever hit a bulls eye to win a game? Yes. Have I ever missed the bulls eye when I wanted to hit it? Again, yes. The fact that the possibility of missing bulls eyes exists has nothing to do with my focusing and energies being in place in my attempt to hit the bulls eye and win the game.

Another thing to consider, I can only hit a bulls eye if I know where it is. Imagine placing a blindfold on me, spinning me around multiple times and then saying “hit the bulls eye.” That would be ridiculous. In much the same way – changing something in our lives (winning the game) can only occur if you:

  • First – understand that there is something worth changing – a game to win.
  • Second – know what the skills are to change your life – that there are bulls eyes to hit.
  • Third – be willing to continually use the skills learned until your life becomes different – you keeping throwing at the bulls eye till you win the game.

It has been my observation that the Principles, Ideals and Truths to be shared are actively in place everywhere in our lives ALL THE TIME. The reason this is an important thought to understand and even appreciate is because if we are honest with ourselves and admit we would like something to be different in our life, then we will need to change our “Mindset”, the way we think about certain things.  I have discovered that a powerful way to change a mindset is to realize there are laws that we can call upon that will allow us to control what thoughts we dwell upon. For when we control what thoughts we dwell upon, we have say about what emotions we will be feeling. And when we have some control over our emotions, we will have control over our behavior. And when you have control in choosing healthy behaviors over unhealthy behaviors, you will realize that the outcomes in life will be more peaceful and joyful.


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